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Among our proposals for taps we have also included Magistro srl. This company located in the province of Novara has specialized in the production of taps designed not only for sanitary use for the bathroom but also for the kitchen. The products bearing the "Magistro" signature ensure the highest quality of raw materials but above all they are taps that are always in step with the times and that best embody the new style trends in interior design. The wide choice it offers allows to satisfy the tastes of each customer, passing from "old-style", classic and traditional models, to the field of high technology and hi-tech, with more geometric, squared lines suitable for bathrooms that embrace a more contemporary and industrial style and where the refinement of detail is what makes the difference. Magistro taps are available in different colors, from the classic ones, such as white, up to those that have varieties in chrome, gold, silver, bronze, marble and much more. Thanks to Magistro Rubinetteria you will find the detail to embellish or enhance the interior of your bathroom.