Hydraulic manifolds and zone valves 

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Hydraulic manifolds and zone valves
Zone valve

Zone valves are installed inside the boiler and in the thermostats in order to make the so-called thermoregulation two areas, namely when we want to heat different areas of the house separately and automatically. It shows up the need for the zone valves when the house is too big and when there are more thermostats installed. Moreover, thanks to this component, it’s possible to set different temperatures for different areas of the house. The zone valve, correctly connected to the boiler, allows you to set a different temperature for every thermostat of the house so that every surrounding has its own temperature, below which will not go.

Mixing valves

Mixing valves are usually three way valves which are intended for adjusting the temperature by acting on the reach of the fluid and of the service. These valves could be used for mixing or deviate. Mixing valves are designed to work with separate enters and a third entrance. The installation of this component inside a plant allows adjusting the water temperature, which comes out from the water supply and absolutely could not lacking. It’s about a small element which, in the general plant increases the chances that could work better and keep pressure and temperature constancy.