Set of specific products for tubs and shower enclosures Metacril Multiset 02000001

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Metacril Multiset 02000001
Metacril Multiset 02000001 Metacril Multiset 02000001 Metacril Multiset 02000001 Metacril Multiset 02000001 Metacril Multiset 02000001

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Metacril Tecno Line

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This pack contains a set of specific products for cleaning and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of domestic and professional Whirlpool Baths

1 bottle 500 ml Idronet disinfectant for hydromassage bath tubs. This product has been specifically created for disinfecting hydromassage systems. It carries out a disinfecting and sanifying action inside the hydraulic piping of the electric pump, ad well as in all the elements which are exposed to water, thus eliminating all deposit and remnants which stagnating can give rise to germs and bacteria. 

1 bottle 500 ml Detergent. Detergetn for acrylic bath tubs This solution has been specifically created for the daily maintenance of acrylic bath tubs. Besides deterging, this product also works on light scale deposits. It Cleans perfectly and with the passing on time, the treated surface is maintained and continues to shine.

1 bottle 500 ml DF 50 Inhibited limescale remover for acrylic, ceramic, glass and chromium-plated surfaces. The special scaling characteristics of this product make it ideal when used on very tenacoius limescales. It proves to be particulary efficient when treating acrylic surfaces and crystal showrs, as well as chromoum-plated or enamelled taps and fittings. thanks to its specific formula with a predominant factor of buffer acids, this product reacts by melting the limescales without damaging the treated surface.

1 bottle 200 ml Policril Regenerating Polish. If used periodically, this product has the power to remove the film of grease or limestone that could be created with time, making the treated surface rgain its shine and brightness. Ideal for removing scratches, superficial marks, adhesive and other residue, etc.

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