Quality and guarantee at the service of our customers

Rubinetteriashop guarantees its customers the highest quality of the products offered.

All items are rigorously selected and checked before being put on sale to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, our support team will always be there to assist you.

Shipping to Italy

Delivery is FREE for any order with a minimum amount of €150 including VAT except for bathtubs, which always have a shipping cost of €50.00. In case of purchase of imports of less than €150, the shipping price will be €6.99 for products under 0.5 kg, €7.99 for products over 0.5 kg. If the GLS-TWS express bearing process is completed, you can collect the press order from our office at no extra cost. Rubinetteriashop automatically sends an order confirmation email where the customer can monitor the progress on the express courier's WEB portal via the tracking link.

The drawing arrives in 24/72 working hours, from the shipping data. It gives indications that it confirms the order and that it produces labor-intensive Italian holidays and public holidays..

Shipping abroad, Europe

The cost of shipping to Europe is calculated automatically by the system at the time of the order based on the total weight of the goods. Shipping via DHL or DPD, GLS EUROPE express courier

Rubinetteriashop will automatically send an order confirmation email where the customer can monitor the shipment on the WEB portal of the express courier via tracking link.

Delivery takes place in 48/96 working hours from the date of shipment.

Rubinetteriashop is not responsible for any delays caused by the express courier. Rubinetteriashop manages shipments automatically and does not assume any delays, non-delivery caused by the courier due to errors made during registration by the customer.

The delivery of bulky products (example: bathtubs, shower enclosures, sinks, etc.) takes place via local courier without a traceability code, the customer is contacted by the driver to agree on the day of delivery within 5 working days from shipment to the warehouse.

ATTENTION: The delivery of these bulky products takes place on the ground floor, delivery to the floor or inside your home is not possible.

Extra EEC shipping

The cost of shipping to Europe is calculated automatically by the system at the time of the order based on the total weight of the goods. Shipping via DHL or DPD, GLS EUROPE express courier

Rubinetteriashop will automatically send an order confirmation email where the customer can monitor the shipment on the WEB portal of the express courier via tracking link.

Delivery takes place in 48/96 working hours from the date of shipment.

Estimated Shipping (Times) indicated in the cart

Rubinetteriashop undertakes to respect the delivery dates indicated at the time of purchase shown in the product sheet and in the cart/order summary.

Delivery dates with fulfillment times distant from the purchase date may mean that the Rubinetteriashop warehouse is awaiting replenishment of the purchased product. We reserve the right to update the delivery date in the customer account with the new estimated delivery date.

Shipping times for products with special finishes (any color other than chrome) can vary up to 5 weeks from the order date.


For all products with ad hoc customizations requested by the customer, for example multifunctional shower enclosures and bathtubs, delivery times will be updated in the customer account if the estimated date indicated in the order phase exceeds.

The system sends an automatic notification e-mail to the customer DELAYED if the shipping date is exceeded by 24 hours, the customer can decide whether to keep the order or proceed with cancellation

NB: For orders placed by bank transfer, the estimated delivery date will be updated in the customer account upon receipt of payment, Rubinetteriashop does not commit the material to the customer until the actual receipt of the payment validated in the customer account.

Right of withdrawal - returns - refunds

Right of withdrawal for damaged or defective goods

By law there is the "Legal Guarantee" or "2 years", contained in articles 128 and following of the Consumer Code. This form of guarantee covers any of our items for sale on our site and cannot be replaced by other guarantees, except in the case of extension of the duration. In these cases we speak of a "Conventional Guarantee".

To enforce the Legal Guarantee, it is sufficient to keep our invoice or a trace of the expenditure made (such as the payment receipt or the order confirmation email). In the event of a lack of conformity or a malfunction, it will be possible, within 2 years of purchase, to ask us for repair or replacement of the product at no cost (not even return costs), thanks precisely to the Legal Guarantee. From the discovery of the defect, the buyer has 2 months to report it, possibly in writing by email. To request the guarantee, it is necessary to send explanatory photos or videos that can prove the defect.

Rubinetteriashop has two times available to repair the purchased item, before completely withdrawing the defective item. If the repair is carried out within the warranty period, a new warranty term does not begin for the new spare part; the course of the warranty period which started from the original delivery date remains unchanged; However, if the repair takes place after the warranty coverage period has expired, the new spare part has its own warranty period of 2 years from delivery of the repaired product. The so-called "right of reconsideration" does not fall within the coverage of the Legal Guarantee

The customer is always advised to sign with reservations upon receipt of the package, the customer who discovers a problem of goods damaged in transit or a defect or damage caused by the manufacturer's production reasons, the customer is required to send an email to after approval by customer care, the customer is required to follow the indicate the following steps

Damaged goods? No problem!

Repack the goods: use the packaging provided by Rubinetteriashop for the primary shipment


Put the label: affix any label provided by our customer care for the return of the product


Wait: you just have to wait for a new shipment to be sent, totally free

Right of withdrawal for afterthought

Have you changed your mind about the purchase you made? you have the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal. According to the provisions of the consumer code in art. 57 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 you can request a return within 14 working days of receiving the package, bearing the costs for returning the product. The right of withdrawal for reconsideration is possible within a period of 14 days from receipt. It is possible to exercise the right of withdrawal without having to provide particular justifications and request the return of the amount paid for the purchase in addition to the shipping costs with the exception of the cost incurred by the cash on delivery (transporter's right).>

Rubinetteriashop reserves the right to verify that the returned goods are intact, with the original seal and must not have been manipulated in such a way as to diminish its original value, the conformity of the product is understood, even the original packaging of the manufacturer must be returned to Rubinetteriashop free of (labels, waybills, suitable for resale).

Rubinetteriashop will refund the purchase within 14 calendar days from the day it received the returned item (pursuant to Article 57 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 Consumer Code), using the same payment method as the 'buyer. Rubinetteriashop will not be responsible for items shipped to our office without any type of tracking. Rubinetteriashop will not accept returns for customized items for specific customer needs such as bathtubs, shower cubicles and shower cubicles. Any technical measures must be verified by the customer before signing the order.

Payment by bank transfer for deduction or reduced VAT will not be refunded but a discount voucher for the value paid will be issued.

We would like to remind you of the correct procedure for returning items, in order to protect the customer and our work upon delivery of your return:

Problems with return management? We'll think about it

Contact us on and we will help you manage the return.

You will agree with us the day of collection and we will manage your package from the passage of the courier to the creation of the waybill.

The service is active for: ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN

The cost of the withdrawal is charged to the customer, and will be automatically deducted from the refund amount. Consult the tariff divided according to the weight of the package:


-PACKAGING ENVELOPE 0.01- 5KG (capacity)

Cost: €12

- 0.1-5KG PACKAGING BOX (capacity)

Cost: €15

- PACKAGING BOX 5.1- 15KG (capacity)

Cost: €18


- PACKAGING BAG 0.1 - 5 KG (capacity)

Cost: €25

- PACKAGING BOX 0.1 - 5 KG (capacity)

Cost: €30

- PACKAGING BOX 5.1 - 15 KG (capacity)

Cost: €35

Upon receipt of the package, remember not to break the original manufacturer's packaging

Prima di spedire il pacco scrivi una e mail a oppure chiama allo 0322097686

Before making the return, make sure you have inserted all the parts of the product including the instruction sheet and manuals obviously with the completed return form

The product must be delivered to Rubinetteriashop as you received it, use all the packaging available to avoid damage

Do not apply stickers or return letters on the original manufacturer's box, use an additional box to send the product

It is necessary that the manufacturer's packaging, the original box, arrive intact for Rubinetteriashop to issue a full refund..

Pursuant to art. 57 paragraph 2 (Legislative Decree 206/2005 Consumer Code) the customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods resulting from a manipulation of the same other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

Returns address is: Rubinetteriashop srl - Via Pietro Durio n ° 125 - 28010 Alzo di Pella (No), Italy.