Who chooses Rubinetteriashop, chooses the passion for Italian taps

Do you know why people like you choose Rubinetteriashop?

Because they have the right flair for business. True tap enthusiasts recognize quality and convenience from afar and are not intimidated by the apparent distance of e-commerce.

Since its inception, Rubinetteriashop has established itself online among the very first in the industry thanks to the huge variety of products that allows it to meet the needs of all lovers of plumbing and taps.

With a careful eye not only on the end user but also on the retailers, Rubinetteriashop is getting closer and closer to those who prefer wholesale. And it rewards with exceptional discounts large quantities. Make sure you always have the warehouse full of everything you need to resell. Stock up on kitchen taps and bathroom taps.

Only you, retailer, can enjoy 5% discount on a cost of 500 euros and 4% discount on a cost of 250 euros. B2B supply is better with Rubinetteriashop.

What is the B2B?

B2B or Business-to-business is the term used to refer to trade between companies. It is used, more generally, to talk about the relationships established between companies along the value chain before the product reaches the final consumer. Business-to-business exchanges include all transactions established between a company and its suppliers or between a company and other companies in the same sector.

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