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Taps and Fittings
Sinks Taps and Fittings

When we choose the tap for the sink we have to be careful about different facts. Among these, there are definitely quality and the functionality of the chosen taps in the sink, but the design needs its share too in order not to choose taps and fittings in line with the whole home decor. Our selection of taps and fittings for sink includes also pieces we must add to the common taps for the sink, like blenders. Taps and fittings for sink too shall be chosen according to a high quality of material used by the producer, to cut the chance of a degradation over time. That’s why a simple tap for bathroom sink combined with a blender for bathroom sinlìk must be carefully and consciously selected by the consumer.

Bidet taps and fittings

Choosing a tap for bidet is not always simple and it’s not a coincidence that we need to take into account various factors like quality and functionality. Moreover, we should try to find a tap for the bidet characterized by a design totally connecting with your bathroom decor. For this reason, we are able to offer you a wide selection of taps and fittings suitable to your bidet, which also provides other useful pieces like blenders for the bidet. All our bidet taps and fittings are distinguished by the high quality of used materials, able to resist over time. Our taps for the bidet are indeed the ideal for those who are looking for high-class bathroom accessories, without having to spend a fortune. We don’t have to forget that you can also choose for the purchasing of a blender for the bidet which will able to ensure your efficiency, quality and lasting.

Tub taps and fittings

Did you purchase a new bathtub and don’t you know which taps for bathtub you have to buy? Or simply want to change your taps ‘cause yours are worn-out, but you can’t find the model which you like? Due to the wide range of taps for the bathtub that we are able to offer you, you will have an embarrassment of riches. Our motto is: “it’s a right model for every kind of bathroom”. Our taps for the bathtub are for connoisseurs. Flawless in design, they will able to make your bathroom beautiful again and perfectly complete your bathtub as well. Our taps for tub are suitable for every kind of bathtub: besides the classical taps and fittings, we also have a copious kind of pool-side taps and fittings. The whole range for the bathroom is distinguished by an uncompromising design, characterized by different shapes and every tap for tub may be complemented by a blender for the bathtub, ensuring high performances and a longer endurance over time.

Shower Taps and Fittings

Are you dreaming of an aesthetically coordinated bathroom? Thanks to our wide selection of taps and fittings for the shower that you finally have the shower you like a lot. Every shower blender is equipped with the highest technology able to offer an accurate control of water flow and water temperature from the blowpipe. Our shower taps present a varied design, ranging from trendy lines and a more classic style, which will comply with the features of your bathroom’s kind. You may choose between copious blender both external and of built-in, which is always ensuring a perfect pairing, while our technology is able to ensure unmatched performances for many years. All shower taps and fittings lines shall include different models of blenders for the shower: that’s shower blenders with the other group, allowing you to have a shower in the tub, or with the built-in group, you will have a copious choice of models and types of installations, which will always ensure you a perfect pairing.

Electronic bathroom blenders

Electronic bathroom blenders for sinks are components to add to the electronic taps which allow activating the water jet by passing the hand. It’s about highly technological bathroom components, which are often installed in public places to make their use faster. These blenders have an incorporated photocell in order to allow the sensors to sense the hand passing and start the water jet. Installing electric blenders in the house is extremely easy as well. Moreover, they are suitable for being combined with a modern decor thanks to their design.

Electronic bathroom taps

Electronic tap is nothing but an automated valve which is added to a regular tap. Thanks to this addition, a photocell is able to switch the control to the valve which in this way ejects the water jet by passing the hand. Moreover, for safety reasons, electronic bathroom taps stop arrogating water after a given amount of time. In this way, there is also a big water saving compared to the common taps with knobs. This component is often installed in public bathrooms, where precisely there is the need to ensure a certain safety in the water arrogation managing. Electronic taps are installed with electronic blenders in these components which help to complete the installation and the assembly.

Foot-operated taps

Foot-operated taps are ideal elements of the working environment and industrial kitchen. These components are often inserted on dedicated big plants since inside a home, they could be uncomfortable, other than occupy a bigger space. With foot-operated tap, we can regulate both volume and temperature of water in order to ensure an ecological solution, environmentally friendly and hygienic. Foot-operated tap is a smart solution to install because it doesn’t spend much water as normal taps: just think about the amount of water we waste when we open and close the water handle. These taps are equipped with specific blenders which allow their specific use.

Push-Button Taps

Push-Button Taps present a dedicated button applied which allows arrogation of water. Most of these taps have an internal timer so, once activated it, water jets last only for few seconds in order to avoid any waste of water. Often push-button taps are installed in public toilets in order to make water fruition fast and safe. Moreover, they are perfectly inserted inside contemporarily designed contexts. Since inside the range available on our shop online, there are various push-button taps with a specific and trendy design. among all push-button taps, Made in Italy creations are the most requested thanks to their quality far higher than the rest of the market.

Taps with clinical lever

Taps with a clinical lever are components with a classic design that we are always used to know. The comfort of this kind of taps is undisputed since the very high lever allows to quickly open and close the water jet and consequently reduce waste. Taps with a clinical lever present different solutions, so they are suitable for every style of decor you realized in the rest of your own home. There are taps with little details on the lever, or taps with a trendiest shape, or with a classical lever. Their functioning is extremely comfortable since resulted more sliding and squishing when used.


For safety reasons, all hydraulic plants must have stopcocks since, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, these taps allow to select the plant. Which means that the losses of water are reduced to the minimum, because we have the chance to close the tap, keeping to dispose of water inside the place where they’re installed. Generally, the stopcock is mounted upriver from the plant because it has a specific function: stopping the water flow in all the space. In our shop online there are different Made in Italy stopcocks, where quality and functionality are meeting each other. Components are also realized with top-shelf materials in order to avoid the corrosion over time.

Siphons, discharges and drains

Siphons, discharges, and drains represent everything you need to run the bathroom drains. These components are essential for the proper functioning of the plant and they meet the most diverse needs. In our online shop, all those single components, which allow the whole machine to work safely, are indeed available. Materials with which the siphons, discharges, and drains are realized are the most important thing to choose: to purchase a product of this kind in a high quality and decrease the risk of usury, which indeed of to have to purchase a new one in the short time respecting the first use.

Taps for Campers and Boats

If you love to travel freely and your family owns a boat or a camper, you have to ensure to have all the amenities with you. In our online shop, you could find taps for campers and boats in order to able to install this essential element on board of the means which accompanies your holidays. Selected components were chosen, according to the material used by the manufacturers. They are elements which utilize a lot by the whole family, so the usury is a problem which could early show up. In addition, thanks to the first choice materials and to the modern manufacturing processes, today is possible to choose taps for both campers and boats which will accompany you on your holidays for a long time.

The wide selection of taps and fittings in our online shop allows choosing between the best brands on the market in order to decorate our own bathroom according to the specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a functional component or searching for taps which better represent the decor style you choose, the taps and fittings online in our shop will be able to satisfy everybody. Thanks to our team of experts, we will be able to guide the customer to the purchase, with an after-sales assistance for the assembly and in the product choice itself. Moreover, we really care about the prices for the taps and fittings selected by ourselves, and we’re trying to propose only the best price performances available on the market, without ever losing sight of the reliability of companies we choose to represent.