I can't register, what can I do?

  1. You can contact an operator in our live chat and ask for help
  2. I write to support via email support@rubinetteriashop.com
  3. Then contact support at 0322-097686 and an operator will assist you in the registration process

I need to buy with reduced VAT, how can I proceed?

  1. I need to register by filling out the dedicated fields
  2. I proceed with order validation by selecting bank transfer as the payment method
  3. I enter "I request reduced VAT" in the notes field
  4. I send an email to accounting support@rubinetteriashop.com attaching SCIA or CILA or self-declaration (VAT 4%)
  5. I wait for verification from the accounting department
  6. I receive an email with reduced VAT invoice to make payment for the order
  7. The order is taken care of and prepared.

I placed an order but I'm not receiving the tracking code, what can I do?

  1. I ordered an out-of-stock item and the warehouse is waiting for shipment
  2. I ordered 2 or more items and the warehouse does not have all the items to fulfill the order
  3. I contact Rubinetteriashop staff for clarification on delivery times
  4. The tracking code will arrive via email to the registered user address when the order is shipped

Where can I find the invoice?

  1. The invoice is automatically sent via email once the order is processed
  2. If I request reduced VAT or for tax deduction, request an advance invoice from our accountant support@rubinetteriashop.com

Where is my order?

  1. Check the status of your order in your account, order history section
  2. Contact Rubinetteriashop operator via live chat or by email support@rubinetteriashop.com by opening a ticket

Delivery times and costs?

  1. Order processing times and delivery costs are visible on all product pages or at the checkout cart stage.
  2. Delivery times for products with special finishes are indicated on the product page by clicking on the INFO COLOR label
  3. In Italy, delivery costs are free for orders over 150 euros
  4. In Italy, for orders under 150 euros, the transport cost is 7.99 euros
  5. The express courier delivers within 24/48 hours from shipment, while in the islands, it's 48/72 hours

What warranty do the products sold have?

  1. The legal warranty is 2 years from the purchase of the material
  2. Some companies offer more than 2 years of warranty, the duration is stated on the product pages
  3. The warranty applies only to non-wearing parts
  4. The warranty is valid only for suitable installations and on non-modified products
  5. Internal parts of products such as CARTRIDGES-AERATORS-SHOWER HEADS have a 1-year warranty

How can I claim warranty on a product with an issue?

  1. Contact after-sales support by sending an email to support@rubinetteriashop.com explaining the reason for the detected defect, if possible, attaching a video or images
  2. Rubinetteriashop will handle the complaint and forward the service request to the manufacturer (parent company)
  3. The manufacturer's response will be communicated to the customer indicating the resolution methods
  4. The resolution time for the complaint may vary depending on the checks the manufacturer will need to perform

I can't find an item on your online store, what can I do?

  1. I can request a detailed quote to our address support@rubinetteriashop.com
  2. I provide as much information as possible to help in the search for the requested item
  3. Rubinetteriashop operator will send the requested quote within 24/48 hours