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Shower pillars
Shower pillars without the blender

In many houses, the shower is already a substitute of the bathtub since it is cheaper and saves the space busy by the bathtub, both on the wall and on the floor. Shower pillars are available now in every model: from the most classical to the most modern, in order to give more comfortable and make the shower a peaceful moment. Shower pillars without the blender are products and elements suitable for those who have low standard and are looking for a component which does its duty at best, without paying much attention to everything that happens around this moment.

Shower pillars with the blender

Shower pillar is a plant which is installed inside the shower cubicle with the function of the channel water jet in order to make the shower a real relaxing experience. Shower pillar may have many functions, such as the jacuzzi one. This option which is a part of multifunctional pillars is indeed called multifunctional shower pillars which are available in many solutions and their functionality depends on the thermostatic blender. Shower pillar with the blender allows having a surrounding of relaxing, comfort and full of optional inside our shower corner. Moreover, these models don’t take much space. it’s indeed a real revolution which allows having the maximum with the minimum effort.


In order to improve the functionality of the shower for those who couldn’t use the showerheads installed too high up, modern latches have been realized. Thanks to this technology placed on the market, it is indeed possible to adjust the height where the shower heads are usually installed by generating big water savings as well in addition to the possibility of having a more comfortable shower. The water saving is generated because of the fact that the closer jet has a less extended corner than the shower heads fixed to the wall in a too much high position. The latch is released by mounting a cart that will hold to the showerhead, which could be raised or lowered.

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Shower pillars are components which allow to have from this area of decor the maximum comfort and relax. Shower pillar is a system which integrally includes also the Jacuzzi, for offering solutions concentrated in an only area that doesn’t take up much space. It’s about the installation of an important component, which could not have made in a too much small bathroom. The solutions of available shower pillars allow for channeling water to give a relaxed experience to those who choose this component for their own well-being bathroom. Moreover, their systems are highly modern which allow having a relaxing water massage that only the classical jacuzzi bathtub can provide.