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Rounded shower heads

The shower head is an element which should be added to the shower pillars and the realized crossings in order to support them. It’s the component we cannot give up because it represents the part where the water comes out during the shower time. Thanks to the modern technologies, shower heads are realized in innovative materials which contrast the accumulation of the limestone and which allow to keep them always clean. Distributing the water is indeed pieces which very easily are going to scratch up. Moreover, the shower cubicles may have different shapes. Rounded shower heads are elements which are functional and representing pieces of design.

Rectangular shower heads

The terminal of the hydric plant which allows washing in the maximum comfort is the shower head, that component inside the shower, which provides water due to the mechanism installed in it. It’s an essential element highly technical we cannot leave if we want to have a shower in our own bathroom. Now, the shower heads have different shapes, weights, and structures. For example, there are the rectangular shower heads, which have impressive sizes so that they become real components which are going to add to the bathroom decor. Moreover, these shower heads could be very versatile in their installation, since it’s possible to choose between the walk-in ones and the ones to use on the shower pillar.

Squared shower heads

When we need to purchase a shower head, it is important to pay attention to the material with which is realized since it’s an element in the bathroom that is easily subjected to erosion due to the limestone inside the water. The best is the realized stainless steel, a material which is scratch proof too. There are also other kinds of shower heads composed of chromate brass or aluminum, other than brand new shapes. Thanks to the various researches in technology, the design of the shower heads is always undergoing change and always new, even got to realize rounded shower heads. These models are suitable for those who choose a real modern style for their bathroom, so the material to choose is the steel for sure.

Chromotherapy shower heads

The shower head represents the point from which the water flows when we have the shower. Once it was only possible to purchase the classical shower head that is small and rounded. Nowadays, thanks to the researches, it’s possible to choose from a wide range of products with different accessories and functionalities. Some shower heads, moreover, beyond supplying water, have real benefits for the health, thanks to the chromatherapy technology applied in it. Thanks to the presence of the incorporated light, the shower heads with chromotherapy help to make our own shower corner in a real spa, thanks to the colors which have an impact to the psychology of people which use it, causing a strong sensation of relaxation.

Shower heads with bracket

Shower heads, namely these parts of the shower pillar from which the water flows, could be installed in different ways. There are indeed the shower heads, which are applied to the shower pillar, and available in different shapes and sizes according to the decor chosen for our own bathroom. There are these shower heads which are applied to the wall: it’s about shower heads equipped with a bracket which allows their installation directly to the wall. This solution is the ideal for those who don’t have much space in the bathroom and so can’t install a little shower pillar to the wall too. Thanks to the shower head with a bracket, it’s possible to restrict to a shower plate or a shower cubicle.

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Showerheads are that element which is never missing inside every shower corner since it’s the point from which the water jet comes from. The choice of this component is essential since it’s the part which is more easily subjected to corrosions from the limescale, which is formed by the continuous leakage of water. On our online shop, we selected the best brands which carry out the finest showerheads in order to the could last overtime. Moreover, thanks to the continuous innovations and the modern technologies, the used materials are more and more cutting-edge that can even place on the market totally anti-limescale shower heads by requiring a minimum clean-up effort. The shapes are changing as well, by meeting both the ones who prefer a more modern style with squared shower heads and the ones who choose a classical style for their own bathroom.