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Bathroom sinks

When we are choosing a bathroom sink we have to pick up two things: its functionality, since it’s about a bathroom component we use daily, and its shape in order to ensure that the sink is in the same line with the house decor. It’s an essential element, which cannot be forgotten, but that’s no reason to necessarily choose one in the classic polished white. On our online shop, sinks are available in different shapes and typologies: there is the supportive sink with a modern design and an easy installation. Those who instead want to make the finest choice can strive to a suspended sink made of ceramic which can be functional and comfortable at the same time. For those who prefer a classical solution and have plenty of rooms, it is available the series of built-in sinks .

Sinks over the pillar

Sink over the pillar is the oldest storage solution for the bathroom we know. It’s about the sinks we are used to, with the underneath pillar which allow the passage of the tubes and the installation directly on the floor. The sink with the pillar has values that the most modern ones don’t have, like for example a cheaper price, precisely because it doesn’t have additional elements allowing its installation. Moreover, they are perfect sinks for those who adopt a classical style for our decor. Furthermore, sinks with the pillar could be easily combined with other sanitaries, like the WC and the bidet, in the most traditional solution available in our online shop.

Countertop sinks

Countertop sinks are perfect for those who don’t have a plenty of room inside the bathroom and are looking for particular shapes. This kind of sink is indeed suitable for those who choose a modern decor for their house. Countertop sinks are the rightful compromise between design - thanks to the various shapes in which they are available - and comfort since they are easy to install and could be a multifunction piece of furniture. Usually, for this kind of sinks, we prefer roundish shapes, which reminds a little bit yesterday’s sinks. So, the countertop sink is a piece of furniture to choose carefully in order to easily meet all the requirements a consumer is looking for.

Semi-recessed sinks

Semi-recessed sinks have a characteristic similar to the countertop sinks, with the peculiarity of not being totally inserted in the bathroom furniture. These sinks are indeed installed slightly above the furniture, for a design more contemporary solution compared to countertop sinks, which represent instead a classic choice. Therefore, semi-recessed sink allows the perfect style arrangement, thanks to the various solutions available, because the installation is extremely simple and doesn’t require the involvement of a practitioner. Generally, during assembly, the exact half is calculated: half of the sink is left out and the other half is semi-recessed.

Suspended sinks

Suspended sinks are the result born to meet the classical ceramic sink and the architectural innovation. Thanks to the modern researches in terms of materials and technologies, it was possible to make these suspended sinks which can anyway be highly functional and particularly comfortable. Due to the absence of a base, it’s possible to insert bathroom furniture which is going to fit together in order to save more space in the bathroom. Bathroom suspended sink is directly installed on the wall, without leaning on the pillar or on a furniture which built-in sinks. The choice of such special sinks is not only a choice of design and trend, but also a solution able to save space, so ideal for small bathrooms.

Undertop sinks

Undertop built-in sinks are very suited for hotels and public places because they are easy to clean and are particularly practical. Undertop sinks are available in various versions: from the most classical to the one is presented most modern solutions. But usually, it’s a kind of sinks which hardly is in a modern decor because it’s designed strictly for bathrooms with a standard structure. Usually, undertop sinks are chosen in public toilet precisely because of their standardization that appears to be one of the cheapest solutions on the market.

Built-in sinks

Built-in sinks are these sinks which are installed directly on the bathroom furniture and that are fully internally encrusted. Thanks to the brand we’ve selected on our online shop, it’s possible to choose between most classical and more modern solutions. Built-in sinks as well are available in different colors in order to make the bathroom coziest and in line with the house decor. With this availability, we can imagine creating chromatic pairings which foresee the same color of the furniture and the sink, or different contrasting colors. Built-in sinks are the best choice for those who have enough space in their bathroom and want to have the maximum functionality and comfort from every piece of furniture included.


One of the sanitaries most neglected in the bathroom furniture is often the WC, since its shape, its colors, and its design are often taken for granted. Hurriedly purchased, the WC is the piece of furniture which instead should be chosen carefully, paying attention to the comfortable seat and to the cleaning system which has to be the most innovative as possible. The WC is a piece of furniture composed of different blocks inside which ensure its use. One of the internal components we need to be careful is the rim, namely an element located in the top if the WC and which doesn’t allow to the water splashes to leaking out when the flush is activated.


The bidet is a sanitary to choose according to our needs and to the house decor. All the bidets, in fact, have the same functionality, namely that of being a little sink used especially for the intimate parts. Thus, everything depends on the kind of decor chosen for the bathroom, and in accordance with this, it’s recommended to choose shapes and colors. Anyway, it’s about an essential bathroom component in Italy, especially if we're considering the advantage we could have compared the limited space which the bidet takes inside a bathroom. This sanitary is usually chosen with the WC and the sink in order to avoid that the bathroom decor is uncoordinated between the various selected elements.

WC asses

Ensuring the bathroom hygiene is essential since the most sensitive parts of our body are in contact with all the elements we insert in our decor. Among these, there is the WC, the component to choose with the highest care. However, as we know, there are different sizes, styles, and colors of WC. An element which is adding to the vase is the toilet seat. Thanks to this element, we could not lean directly on the vase and, above all, we can cover it for avoiding germs and bacteria go in direct contact with the component. Also, the WC asses could compete for the bathroom decor, according to the style we choose and we prefer. Apparently, a simple choice is instead one of the most important.

Bathroom sanitaries represent an important choice for the house decor. Modern solutions indeed allow to choose not only the usual white and glazed ones, but from a wide range of products with a new, modern and brightly colored design. From the suspended pots to the built-in sinks, the bathroom decoration is an actual element which is going to give the bathroom the look you want. Bathroom sanitaries have all new shapes for being always trendy, for example, it is possible to opt to rotund sanitaries, which are installed like the suspended ones and indeed directly to the wall. Among the selected producers in our online shop, there are the best Italian brands which allow choosing both cheap sanitaries and top-quality ones.