Tub taps and fittings 

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Tub taps and fittings
Pool-side taps and fittings

Pool-side taps and fittings are composed of a range of components to add to a bathtub. For the most, these compositions are made by blenders, taps and the classical shower head, which are going to install in the bathtub. Some solutions, moreover, present the entire battery into one space, in order to concentrate on all necessary and make the installation easier. All pool-side batteries available in our online shop are fully Made in Italy in order to ensure raw material quality and the always trendy design. Decor style could obviously influence on this choice since there are available batteries, both classical and contemporary styles.

Drop-down tub taps

Some taps for bathtub allow abrogating the water provision drop-down. This solution is so much more elegant than the traditional tap and could be used both in the tubs and in the sinks, in order to satisfy every single need. Drop-down tub taps are available in different sizes, even if the smaller for small tubs require bigger fixes. Moreover, drop-down tub taps are available in different materials from steel to glass, so the final choice mainly depends on the bathroom where we wish to insert it. The installation isn’t highly simply since a professional hydraulic is required, which can help the final result that will make your bathroom an extremely sophisticated place.

Tub and Floor Taps

Tub taps and fittings could be chosen in different models. Among these, there are tub and floor taps, a solution which is adopted when there is a free standing tub and is far from the wall. Floor taps are chosen mainly when there isn’t a support, for example, the wall in which we can push through pipings. This plant is realized with a pole in which is inserted the tap and is provided as well with a flexible shower head, which allows a big saving of water respect the regular tap. The solution of floor tap appears less comfortable regarding the others available and takes into account the moment when there isn’t the chance of hiding the passage of tubes elsewhere.

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Did you purchase a new bathtub and don’t you know which taps for bathtub you have to buy? Or simply want to change your taps ‘cause yours are worn-out, but you can’t find the model which you like? Due to the wide range of taps for the bathtub that we are able to offer you, you will have an embarrassment of riches. Our motto is: “it’s a right model for every kind of bathroom”. Our taps for the bathtub are for connoisseurs. Flawless in design, they will able to make your bathroom beautiful again and perfectly complete your bathtub as well. Our taps for tub are suitable for every kind of bathtub: besides the classical taps and fittings, we also have a copious kind of pool-side taps and fittings. The whole range for the bathroom is distinguished by an uncompromising design, characterized by different shapes and every tap for tub may be complemented by a blender for the bathtub, ensuring high performances and a longer endurance over time.