Valves and accessories for radiators 

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Valves and accessories for radiators
Radiator bearer

The bearer for the radiator, as well as the valve, is often ignored because it’s wrongly believed that it is a part of the radiator. Actually, the components have to be installed separately in order to convey the water flow, which is generated by the boiler. The bearer is a sort of a metallic cap placed on the sides of the radiator which helps to make the surrounding heating easier in which it is inserted. The temperature is set by the one which has it and the bearer helps to adjust the water flow reaching the wanted temperature. It is totally connected with the radiators which help to heat the home surrounding.

Thermostatic valves for radiators

Thermostatic valves are installed close to the radiators in order to adjust the hot water flow. The functioning of these valves is pretty easy and depends on the level set. Thanks to the sensors, the water flow towards the radiator increases or decreases, and mechanism allow adjusting the temperature of the surrounding avoiding waste and heat losses. On the valve handle for the radiators, there are five positions which correspond to various degrees of temperature, from the highest to the lowest. These valves are automatic, so there isn’t the chance to install them near the oldest radiators which instead require manual valves.