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Heating units to beautify and warm every corner of the house

The heating unit is a heating device that acts both as a decorative element and as a source of warmth for the rooms in which it is placed.

In the Rubinetteriashop catalogue, you'll find a wide selection of heating units, designed to offer you the perfect solution for every need and a specific heating unit for each room: from classic towel warmers, perfect to place in the bathroom to have a radiator that also acts as a towel holder, to designer models, which guarantee the same dual function while, at the same time, providing a unique and refined look to your bathroom.

In the Rubinetteriashop catalogue, you'll find hydraulic and electric heating units, to heat every room of the house with this device by choosing the type of consumption you desire to have warm environments in the coldest periods. If you choose a model of material and color with which you've enriched the rest of the room, it will ultimately serve as a true harmonizing element of the decor.

Find the perfectly styled heating unit for every room

The household heating unit is made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron: each material has its intrinsic properties that make them advantageous in specific conditions: the choice of the most suitable type must depend on your specific needs.

Choose the heating unit that best fits the decor of the room where you've chosen to place it, based on the budget you have available and the heating requirements of the environment it will need to warm.

Heating unit costs and prices for every spending need

At Rubinetteriashop you will find a vast selection of heating units, designed to present you with a range of diversified solutions to choose from. In this way, regardless of the style with which you've decided to furnish your bathroom or the room where you want to place the household heating unit, you can find the perfect combination of affordability and harmony.

Explore the selection of available models to find the perfect model for every room in the house.