Spout of the tap spare parts



€17.00 - €76.00





The tap barrel is probably the most visible part of the fountain, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Finding one that fits the aesthetic and style you have chosen for your home is not easy. Worse then if you are looking for a product that not only can be comfortable with the design that you have carefully selected for the furniture, but a product that can withstand the time. In order to guarantee a better quality for every repair, Rubinetteriashop offers the most important brands selected for the most demanding customers. Here you find Italian brands and not only, made available for you at the best price. Choosing a valid replacement for your faucet will allow you to decrease the continuous repairs and improve the performance of your water system making sure that this returns immediately to normal operation. On the online catalog you will find repairs not only for the taps, but for the bathroom, kitchen, shower, bathtubs and furniture.