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Monobloc wc tapes

WC flushing tapes are containers connected to the hydraulic plant of the house which allows collecting water which will be used for the flushing of the WC. WC tapes as well are available in various versions: there is the external one, the built-in one, and the semi-recessed one. The choice shall be made regarding our needs since each of them has their pros or cons. Inside the monobloc WC tapes there is a bobber, useful in order to report when the tape is full and, therefore, the water jet is interrupted. Monoblos sanitaries are available both for the WC and for the bidet in order to always ensure the perfect functionality of the bathroom plant.

Suspended WC

Suspended sanitaries are recently showed up on the market but they are enthusiastically welcomed by all, especially by the architects. This bathroom sanitaries are indeed a very particular shape and also their installation is out of every pattern. It’s about the suspended vase, applied directly to the wall, so which don’t require any support on the floor. In this way, beyond to obtain a very particular optical effect, we have also the chance to use the gained space under the sanitaries for the inclusion of a dedicate bathroom furniture. Suspended WC is light and realized with innovative materials though it is never contrary to the principles of quality and functionality.

Ground based WC

If the shower time for you is a real pleasure, you are not choosing a thermostatic tap for sure. Thanks to this element, it will be possible to always maintain the water temperature in the same way during the shower in order to avoid changes in warm or cold temperature. Thanks to the thermostatic valve, hot and cold water are blended with each other and, moreover, are able to guarantee a high reaction time. For example, if cold water was passed during the shower, the thermostatic valve would automatically close itself. The advantages of choosing a thermostatic tap for the shower are actually numerous. With this component, you can make sure the comfort of having a shower by setting the temperature from the very beginning, the safety of not to risk of having a shower with too cold or too hot water and the convenience because of the saving produced by this kind of technology.


Urinals are one of the most ancient systems for the bathroom we use to know. In ancient times indeed, the WC was composed only by this element, which today has evolved thanks to the innovative technologies. Urinals are mostly used in public toilets since for the houses classical WC are preferred because they take up less space and are most functional and easier to clean. Urinals are also available in the female version, namely, it’s about a particular urinal for women which could be used for the planning of the bathroom designed for fair sex. The most famous style is the Vespasian one since the urinals are date back exactly in those days. Vespasian urinal is until now one of the most wanted and requested on the market.

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One of the sanitaries most neglected in the bathroom furniture is often the WC, since its shape, its colors, and its design are often taken for granted. Hurriedly purchased, the WC is the piece of furniture which instead should be chosen carefully, paying attention to the comfortable seat and to the cleaning system which has to be the most innovative as possible. The WC is a piece of furniture composed of different blocks inside which ensure its use. One of the internal components we need to be careful is the rim, namely an element located in the top if the WC and which doesn’t allow to the water splashes to leaking out when the flush is activated.