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Jacuzzi Tubs

Hydromassage is a therapy which helps physical well-being, affected by special water jets issued with a particular pressure. Jacuzzi tubs are, in fact, a cure-all and are expressly designed to ensure that the placement of these jets is really optimized for the goal of this kind of bathroom complement. New technologies allowed the development of highly advanced Jacuzzi tubs, for example, circular Jacuzzi tubs for those who are looking for a solution which allows saving space. At the same time, it was developed a two-seater Jacuzzi bathtubs for those who can give themselves the most relaxation. Moreover, a solution like a Jacuzzi tub with a shower ensure to have all needed comforts inside the bathroom. Jacuzzi tub is a dream for everyone who decors a bathroom and, due to our wide range of products, becomes accessible with prices in everyone’s reach. Find the best sales prices on

Bathtub without the whirlpool

The bathtub is a solution which we are choosing for our own bathroom, especially when we have plenty of room. When space is reduced, we tend to choose the shower, but actually, it’s not always the case. Bathtubs, indeed, thanks to the various researches in terms of design and materials, are available in different shapes and sizes which allow inserting in the most confined spaces. Moreover, these new models of tubs allow us to have the maximum of comfort, even if it’s about tubs without the whirlpool! Furthermore, this allows us to be totally relaxed in our break, but many accessories are available in the tubs selected by us in order to have the same effect at a lower price.

Angular Tubs

Nowadays, bathrooms are smaller due to the apartments reduced sizes. In these cases, it is hard to figure out solutions for saving spaces, such as the installation of an angular tub. It’s about bathtubs available in different styles and beautifully designed in order to become actual pieces of furniture and more than just a bathtub. Circular bathtub is also available as a Jacuzzi in order to fully realize the advantages resulted by this treatment. Circular tub is, in fact, a perfect compromise for those who want to take up less space in their bathroom, without sacrificing design.

Tubs for the disabled

Continuous researches in the field of modern bathtubs building, led to the making of elements for bathroom decoration which can meet all kinds of needs. One example is bathtubs for the disabled which, due to the presence of extra components, are able to satisfy determined requirements. In the wide range of available products, it is, in fact, possible to find the tub with the hatch, very advantageous to comfortably get in the tub and have a totally relaxed bath. The tub with a door as well meets the same needs, with a brand new and technological solutions. This kind of components falls into the category of tubs for the elderly, which could have difficulties in entering in a common bathtub. These innovative solutions aren’t very expensive, in fact, tub for the disabled and those for holders as well have low prices in relation to the gained comfort.

Shower Screen

Shower screens are a piece of furniture suitable for people who are looking for a more modern style for their own bathroom furniture without sacrificing a solution which could be safe and comfortable as well. According to the shape of the bathroom that you’ve installed in your own bathroom, it will be possible between an angular shower screen, or a shower screen which partially covers the bathtub. This additional element makes the bathtub a perfect surrounding for those who can’t install a shower in their own house: in that way, it will be possible to bathe standing up without necessarily let the water drop on the floor. Moreover, this solution helps to give a unique and innovative style to the bathroom that we are decorating with the addition of an unusual element that is easy to install allows giving a personal touch to the furnishing.

The bathtub is a real piece of furniture which, inside the bathroom decor, could really make the difference, and give the personal touch that everybody is looking for. The range of bathtub available on our online shop meets everyone’s need, whether regarding the style whether regarding the design. Solutions realized in later years respect those who need to gain space in their own bathroom, like for example, circular bathtub, custom-made bathtub and the small bathtub. Regarding the style, employed materials are increasing cutting-edge due to the researches in the technological area: beginning from the wooden bathtub which represents a complete piece of furniture. Moreover, for those who have particular needs, modern solutions provide also for the usage of a custom-made bathtub, especially for saving space in the bathroom. Most modern bathtubs propose also solutions masonry.