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Shower Taps and Fittings
External Shower Taps

External shower taps are distinguished from the built-in because they are immediately visible and we can touch them. You indeed note both ways, hot and cold, which are above the lever for checking water jet. Choosing an external shower tap is the most practical solution when we don’t have particular needs in terms of space and when aesthetic of the interior part of the shower is not damaged by this installation. The procedure is pretty standard, with the pipes which have similar attacks in every plant. The attack could from below, or spilled. This last allows the installation directly under the shower pillar.

Built-in shower taps

Shower taps are distinguished by some characteristics regarding the installation. Built-in shower taps are a particular kind of taps and fittings which must be installed on the wall, leaving the only visible knob of the blender. The lever is usually placed on a plate support which is installed at the level of the tiles. Under the plate there is the built-in blender for the shower. This kind of tap allows having an element inside the shower cubicle discreet and which is not taking much space. When we are purchasing a built-in shower tap, we have to be careful of the number of ways, since depends on it the number of accessories we can install. Usually, it is recommended a four ways shower tap.

Shower Taps for Pillars

Shower taps are installed directly inside the shower cubicle thanks to the most modern technologies. This kind of taps and fittings is mounted on the bracket which maintains the shower head and the blowpipe, but in order to decide when moving the water flow, we can act directly with our hands undertaking some changes of direction. Taps for shower pillars are also combining the whole plant set, namely to the bidet, sink and accessories taps and fittings. Materials of shower pillars tap realization are of high quality since the risk of corrosion is very high because they are always in contact with water.

Thermostatic shower tap

Thermostatic shower taps are a very modern piece of furniture, developed due to the continuous research and new technologies. This tap indeed allows the passing from hot water to the cold one and to balance the temperature thanks to a blender and a valve, expressly inserted. Choosing a thermostatic shower tap can ensure the maximum of safety since the pre-set temperature remains constant during the shower duration, as well ensure a big comfort in order to have the maximum relax during the shower. This kind of shower taps and fittings is moreover very cheap in terms of water and energy saving, thanks to the blender, which is able to shortly amortize the consumptions.

Full Shower Kit

Choosing to purchase a full shower kit when we are in the process of realization of the bathroom is the most comfortable thing to do. However, the range of products is so wide that is not easy to start. First of all, we need to choose the style for the rest of the bathroom in terms of furnishing: researches and innovation, in this field, have indeed allowed to place on the market different kinds of Shower Kits. All these elements could be different shapes or colors, so we need to start from this in order not to create a contrasting optical impact. Moreover, it is important to run a research on the used materials and the manufacturing processes. In our online shop, it is possible to choose between the best brands currently on the market.

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Are you dreaming of an aesthetically coordinated bathroom? Thanks to our wide selection of taps and fittings for the shower that you finally have the shower you like a lot. Every shower blender is equipped with the highest technology able to offer an accurate control of water flow and water temperature from the blowpipe. Our shower taps present a varied design, ranging from trendy lines and a more classic style, which will comply with the features of your bathroom’s kind. You may choose between copious blender both external and of built-in, which is always ensuring a perfect pairing, while our technology is able to ensure unmatched performances for many years. All shower taps and fittings lines shall include different models of blenders for the shower: that’s shower blenders with the other group, allowing you to have a shower in the tub, or with the built-in group, you will have a copious choice of models and types of installations, which will always ensure you a perfect pairing.