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Suspended bidet

Suspended sanitaries represent without a doubt the last trend in term of bathroom decor. The bidet is available in the suspended version too, especially to meet the needs of those who choose a suspended WC and a suspended sink. Thanks to the innovative materials and the research as well, the suspended bidet is installed directly to the wall, so it doesn’t present the necessity to have the underneath pillar for the passage of the tubes and the fixing to the floor. This kind of bidet turns out to be very light and its plating is very particular compared to the classical white polished one. The real value of this choice is to be a space saving solution, which is perfectly suitable with a contemporary decor without taking much space in the bathroom.

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The bidet is a sanitary to choose according to our needs and to the house decor. All the bidets, in fact, have the same functionality, namely that of being a little sink used especially for the intimate parts. Thus, everything depends on the kind of decor chosen for the bathroom, and in accordance with this, it’s recommended to choose shapes and colors. Anyway, it’s about an essential bathroom component in Italy, especially if we're considering the advantage we could have compared the limited space which the bidet takes inside a bathroom. This sanitary is usually chosen with the WC and the sink in order to avoid that the bathroom decor is uncoordinated between the various selected elements.