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Sinks Taps and Fittings
Drop-down sink taps

Drop-down sinks are perfect element designs for those who have a contemporary decor in their house. All available drop-down sink taps are fully made in Italy by the best companies on the territory which have to further the quality of raw materials employed and the aesthetic as well which is never neglected. This kind of solution is very comfortable and practical to use since all drop-down taps have an upper level in order to quickly stop or start the water jet. Due to the particular shape of taps, we also have the advantage of less smear the ceramic sink because of the strong reduction of the splash of water.

Washbasin taps

Wash-basin sink taps are strongly trendy thanks to their innovative and cutting-edge design. For those who choose a modern decor, washbasin taps are the ideal, since with their specific assembly allow to exalt the shape of the taps itself and of the sink as well. Washbasin tap has the particular characteristic of being mounted directly on the shelf or on the flat surface, with the nozzle corresponding to the sink in order to avoid the leakage of splashes of water. This kind of taps design is extremely minimal, with boxy shapes and quality materials to ensure their aesthetic and functionality. Washbasin taps are very refined and their lines allow and exalt their brilliance.

Wall-mounted sink taps

When we start to decorate a bathroom, it is not easy to choose the various pieces of furniture. Very often due to space, we didn’t realize the actual sizes, but fortunately, the available solutions which are available in the taps and fittings sector, are able to meet the most diverse requirements. For those who have a reduced space and the need to choose a wall-mounted tap, there is the chance to opt also for wall-mounted sink taps, namely batteries to install directly on the wall. Both the knobs and the taps are elements disconnected each other, which provide individual installations. These taps are also wall-mounted blenders which are going to compose the whole plant. They are available in our online shop, both with the lever and with rotating knob.

Thermostatic sink taps

Thermostatic sink tap is an essential part of a well-thought-out hydraulic plant. Usually, this comfortable and cheap solution is installed inside the showers because it helps to protect ourselves from the accidental burns, due to hot water. All the thermostatic blenders are made to maintain the water temperature constancy, during all duration of the shower by modulating also the extent of water in case of an unexpected initiating. Thanks to the presence of the thermostatic valve, the thermostatic tap blends hot and cold water in order to reach the preset temperature. In case of an interruption of cold water supply, thermostatic valve will lock automatically.

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When we choose the tap for the sink we have to be careful about different facts. Among these, there are definitely quality and the functionality of the chosen taps in the sink, but the design needs its share too in order not to choose taps and fittings in line with the whole home decor. Our selection of taps and fittings for sink includes also pieces we must add to the common taps for the sink, like blenders. Taps and fittings for sink too shall be chosen according to a high quality of material used by the producer, to cut the chance of a degradation over time. That’s why a simple tap for bathroom sink combined with a blender for bathroom sinlìk must be carefully and consciously selected by the consumer.