Rectangular shower trays



€208.00 - €511.00


Rectangular Shower Tray: Comfort and Style for Your Bathroom

Rectangular shower trays are the best choice for a designer shower box, capable of adding a luxurious and comfortable look to your bathroom with its beauty.

Take a look at all the rectangular shower trays in the Rubinetteriashop catalog: within, you will find models from the best-known international bathroom furniture brands, guaranteeing impeccable quality, and a style and aesthetic that will help you achieve the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Find the shower tray in the color and manufacturing material that most closely matches your furnishing idea, but also one that easily adapts to the existing bathroom flooring, finding the perfect combination of technical and aesthetic performance.

Rectangular Shower Trays that Fit the Chosen Box

The choice of shower tray can be made after selecting the shower box. Especially if the latter has already been chosen, you should not only choose a rectangular shower tray that you like, but also one that matches, both aesthetically and practically, perfectly with the selected box.

For this reason, carefully browse the product sheets of each rectangular shower tray on Rubinetteriashop that has caught your attention to ensure you purchase a model that perfectly completes your shower, with a durable, high-quality item that is aesthetically in line with the rest of the shower items you have chosen for your bathroom.