Design Radiators



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Design Radiators: the perfect solution to heat with style

The design radiators presented in the Rubinetteriashop catalog represent the result of a long search for heating and furnishing articles from the best international brands, collected on a single page to ensure you a rich, diversified, and reliable range of options.

Explore each model, its features, and the touch of design it can bring to the environment you wish to place it in, to find the winning combination of style, personality, and functionality.

Many of the chosen models offer advanced heating features, such as temperature control. Many of the solutions, in addition to exclusivity in shapes and materials, showcase the typical quality of "made in Italy" production.

Scroll through the proposals presented to fully reflect your preferences and needs.

Design Radiators: add style to your home while heating

The Design Radiator can be a useful tool to give a touch of style to a wisely furnished environment in a very simple way: browse among our partition models, to obtain and be able to place a towel warmer radiator article designed to provide you with warmth, but also to guarantee you an elegant room separator that will give you two-dimensionality, space, and style in a single solution.

Placing a design radiator conceived to act as a partition will give you the possibility to give the rooms more functionality, visually detaching one part of the environment from the other without losing brightness and space.

Design Radiator: style and quality test-proof

The design radiator presented by Rubinetteriashop is conceived to guarantee you the best productions in terms of style and quality. Part of the models in our catalog, in addition to representing the exclusive quality typical of products made in Italy, blends it with the exclusivity of materials, starting from the coverings of the presented design radiators.

Dive into the proposals presented and identify those that will enrich every environment impeccably.