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Kitchen Taps and Fittings
Kitchen taps with drop

Kitchen taps with drop have the particularity which can be installed in the sinks of those who need to have an extraible nozzle. The shape of these taps is an inverted to guide this movement which is exactly the drop installed in the center. In order to install the kitchen taps with the drop, we need to have a quite big space, especially to the top, so this is the solution to be considered only if you have a quite big kitchen, in order to predict it. The comfort of this model of taps indeed can extract the shower head and use it as the best that we want to. The movements will also be more fluids and easy to finalize.

Kitchen taps with shower head

Installing in a kitchen a kitchen tap with extractable shower head can prove very useful, especially when we go to clean the foodstuffs. Whatever is the kitchen style we don’t need to worry about because the brand we’ve selected produces this kind of taps with various styles and shapes in order to adapt them to different kitchens. Moreover, we have to take into account that the choice of a tap with the shower head in a kitchen is extremely cheap since you can install the material on your own. When we choose this kind of taps is essential to be very careful with the material: it’s always better to opt for a tap with an extractable shower head, in metal and not in plastic since the first is very resistant, so it will more lasting over time.

Wall-mounted kitchen taps

There are various kinds of taps and categories are divided into those which are installed directly on the flat surface and those which are wall-mounted with a direct attack of water. Wall-mounted taps are the best solution for those who haven’t much space on the sink flat surface and, indeed, we have the need to install the tap on the wall, with the receptacle in the direction of the sink. This solution was very used one, but nowadays thanks to the most advanced technological evolutions, wall-mounted taps have modern designs, with boxy and minimal shapes for those who have a modern decor and with softer shapes and classical colors for those who, instead, have a more rustic decor.

Spandrel kitchen taps

Spandrel kitchen taps are designed to answer a specific need: to install the tap in proximity or in correspondence to the lower part of a window. Its main characteristic is having a barrel, which is frontally or laterally reclinable in order to allow the use of the taps even if is located under a window. Spandrel kitchen taps have also the chance to spin 90 degrees in order to position itself horizontally or parallel over the sink tub. For this kind of taps and fittings, we’ve selected only the best brands in order to ensure to those who have this need the maximum of functionality and design.

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The wide range of kitchen taps combined with sink blenders for provides endless combinations of style, able to make your sink functional and elegant. You may choose between modern or classical blender for the kitchen, depending on your needs: extractable shower head, a high cane, or walling kitchen taps. Similar to a tasty meal that you get due to the use of fresh ingredients, nutritional values, and a nice presentation, our blenders for kitchen represent the perfect balance for those who are looking for taps and fittings for a modern kitchen since their fancy design perfectly suits your kitchen. Our blenders and blenders for kitchen ensure years of reliable performances: intended for lasting over time, all materials and components are tested in order to satisfy our high quality standards.