Shower hoses



€4.00 - €45.00




The dripping shower hose is everyone’s nightmare! Especially if we just replaced it. But Rubinetteriashop offers you the most suitable solution. The hose that connects the tap to the showerhead is perhaps one of the most delicate devices ever. Subjected to significant wear and tear, it forces us to constant maintenance. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to choose a lasting and quality one, which does not break despite excessive activity. Rubinetteriashop therefore offers you the right solution. Quality products at the best price. If you’ve tried everything from complete kits for prestigious bathrooms to the cheapest devices, you’re in the right place. On our online catalog you will find everything you need. A wide selection of brands at the best price. The best Made in Italy products carefully studied for the repairs of your bathroom. Replacing and repairing your own taps has never been easier. Rely on the experts, choose the best spare parts for you.