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towel warmer radiator

Termo Furniture is available in various kinds, models and with the different functioning of use. It’s about modern solutions which are installed in the houses in order to heat it. Thanks to the high functional design, choosing to purchase a thermo furniture for our house means not only using an innovative solution for the heating, but also taking the chance to add a design element which could make the surrounding unique. The wide range of products available in our online shop allows choosing the perfect design for our home, in ensuring they could be suitable for a classical, modern or contemporary decor.

Programmable thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat in our own house has a lot of benefits and the fixing is not hard as well. Thanks to this modern equipment, it may be possible to program the temperature of the house depending on the different moments of a day. Most modern models, moreover, allow adjusting in a personalizable way the temperature of the different areas of the house. The programmable thermostat is an extremely cheap instrument and essential for those who spend much time out of the house in order to avoid that the home is cold when they come back. Moreover, by heating the house only in specific hours of the day, we will have a lot of savings on the energy bill. Programmable thermostats installation available in our online shop is very easy since the assistance provided will always accommodate you.

Expansion pots

Expansion pot is a component which has to be installed inside the boiler in order to have the right functioning of the domestic heating. The water subject to treatments in order to quickly heating itself, which tends to increase its volume, so those who have built the boilers - in order to ensure a bigger safety - have installed inside the so-called expansion pots. This membrane device does nothing but absorbs the rise of the water volume, according to the increase of the temperature in a house heating plant. When the circuit has cold water, the membrane keeps it tight to the pot, without taking action. In order to ensure the maintenance of pressure when water is hot, the expansion pot activates the buffer which pushes the water out of the pot, putting it again inside the circuit.


When we purchase a connection to the tube, it is important that it is the same size which it’s installed. The junctions, as well, have to be chosen according to the place in which they have to connect the tubes, so we can choose between hydraulic connections at L, To the right as well. Connections could be of various types too, regarding the use. And that’s why we can choose the overtake curve when we have to cross the tubes or the receptacles needing to connect tubes which cannot be rotated. Two sides ways change according to the chance that occurs, so it’s possible to choose between female-female and female-male. According to the material of the tube, the connection to apply can differ in their characteristics and kinds.

boiler cleaning products

The anti-limescale inhaler is an equipment which is integrated in the heating plant in order to reduce the limescale which could form inside the pipes and in the boiler. This element is installed inside the pipes which carry the water into the boiler and become necessary when the water is particularly hard. Thanks to a specific treatment which are subjected the pipes with this component, the limescale in the plant is completely removed. This also matches with a function of the tubes longer over time, since their duration is increased. Moreover, when necessary, the inhaler of polyphosphates could be removed without intervening on the pipes.

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Inside a bathroom, it is essential to install a heating system which helps to make the surrounding more and more cozy for the guests and the family. But in order to get this effect, it is necessary to select a whole series of small components which, combined, gave birth to a plant. Moreover, for allowing to the boiler to work properly, it is important to select top-quality wheels to install inside, as well as sinks and showers. Components are available in our online shop space between thermostatic valves until we reach to the hydraulically backflow prevent. Electrical heating in the bathroom is indeed one of the most sensitive phases whose pay attention. What we have to choose the best materials ensures the best performance.