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Shower Cabins
Shower pillars

Shower pillars are components which allow to have from this area of decor the maximum comfort and relax. Shower pillar is a system which integrally includes also the Jacuzzi, for offering solutions concentrated in an only area that doesn’t take up much space. It’s about the installation of an important component, which could not have made in a too much small bathroom. The solutions of available shower pillars allow for channeling water to give a relaxed experience to those who choose this component for their own well-being bathroom. Moreover, their systems are highly modern which allow having a relaxing water massage that only the classical jacuzzi bathtub can provide.


Showerheads are that element which is never missing inside every shower corner since it’s the point from which the water jet comes from. The choice of this component is essential since it’s the part which is more easily subjected to corrosions from the limescale, which is formed by the continuous leakage of water. On our online shop, we selected the best brands which carry out the finest showerheads in order to the could last overtime. Moreover, thanks to the continuous innovations and the modern technologies, the used materials are more and more cutting-edge that can even place on the market totally anti-limescale shower heads by requiring a minimum clean-up effort. The shapes are changing as well, by meeting both the ones who prefer a more modern style with squared shower heads and the ones who choose a classical style for their own bathroom.

Multifunction shower cabins

Once shower area was the most neglected part of the bathroom, while today it represents the place where we put into all our creativity. Due to the copious technological innovations, materials employed and the increasing news applied. Now, shower cabins become the highly technological surroundings and with accessories. Shower area design as well changes with the multifunction shower cabins, making the cabins rounder than standard shapes. It’s about actual areas where achieves the well-being between body and mind, due to additions of chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy as well. The multifunction shower cabin is an actual cuddle for the people who are looking for relaxing Contrary to popular belief, multi function shower cabin prices are extremely cheap relating to the benefits gained.

Shower trays

Once the only possible option for the choice of shower tray was the glazed white, but now, due to the copious brands available in our shop online, everything became more creative. Companies produce shower trays with many new materials, innovative colors and increasingly designs which meet different requirements for those who have to decorate their home. When you go decorating the shower block and the related accessories, we need to purchase a shower tray according to the space we have. Tailor-made shower trays are indeed one of the most innovative solutions which allow to safely decorate the bathroom. The positioning of shower box depends also on the kind of shower cubicle chosen.

Brackets for shower head

The choice of the shower now became complicated too, due to the various shapes and various designs of which are available in the various components. The most important thing is that these elements are combined with each other. Now let’s talk about the shower plate, the shower cubicle, and the shower head. The different materials and the different colors available allow purchasing these components combined with the decor of the whole bathroom. For the installation of these components, we need to resort to other components, like the brackets for the shower head. The bracket is applied directly to the wall for those who choose a built-in shower head rather than a shower head applied to the shower pillar.

Connections and hydrants

Ensuring the irrigation of every part of the surrounding, external and internal, is essential, especially for those who love the garden. Thanks to the connections and the hydrants, performing these operations will be very easy: specifically, the connection ensures to have access to the water, thanks to the electricity, with a direct connection to a pipe. Between the pipe and the hydrant, a connection should be inserted, like a shut-off valve which allows automatically stopping the automatic water flow if the pipe is detached. Hydrants could be different kinds according to the needs. It’s available, for example, the unknotted hydrant, usable as a fixed point from where the water flow. The connection between the pipe and the grip is unknotted, namely, it could rotate itself, avoiding the twisting of the pipe and does not ensure the freedom of movement. The grip, moreover, could be underground, without causing any trouble to the grooming of the grass.

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Shower Cabins represent actual pieces of furniture, giving to the decor a totally personal touch. Selection, indeed, can relapse on a glass shower cubicle - much stronger as to the plastic one - available in different colors and different patterns for those who want choice a modern shower cubicle. Continuous researches and the application of new technologies has led to carry out new solutions suitable for those who want everything in their bathroom: from the circular shower cubicle to the shower cubicle with a tub. Indeed, for those who want to propose something new in their bathroom decor, there is an embarrassment of riches. Those who have in their own house a rustic and classical decor can choose between masonry shower cubicle, a solution which allows saving space. Purchasing a shower cubicle online has its perks. We have the chance to buy complete shower cubicles and easy to assemble: in our selection, it will be possible to choose only between the best and most reliable brands on the market which has the best prices as well.