Faucet aerator



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Almost invisible but fundamental, the function and importance of the aerator are unknown to most. We all own one, but we only notice it when it breaks. And then our fountain no longer has the same look as before: violent splashes and jets of water force us to run for cover. Rubinetteriashop has what you are looking for. All repairs to restore shine to your taps, both those in the bathroom and those in the kitchen available on the online shop. Its filtering function and water regulator is in fact very important. Choosing a product that can be useful and qualitatively valid is fundamental for us. By replacing it, you will have the opportunity to choose a lasting one that will give your fountain the same luster as before. You will save about two thirds of normal water usage by inserting an aerator into your tap without lowering the performance of your fountains. This small device, which mixes air with water, will make the water flow gentle and contain splashes. Come and discover the various models suitable for your taps. All the spare parts and hydraulic materials you are looking for, at your disposal.