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Shower trays
Semicircular shower trays

When we purchase a shower tray, the first choice to make is the one concerning the space to be assigned to this bathroom area and how all bought sanitaries and bathroom pieces of furniture will be located. Shower trays are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as tailor-made. It’s recommended, anyway, to choose a standard-size shower cubicle, otherwise, it will be hard to find an odd-shaped shower tray. Shower trays have different sizes, which are perfectly adapted inside the solutions of those who are looking for especially something which helps save space. One of this is for sure the semicircular shower trays, definitely smaller than the classical rectangular shower trays, but which helps to preserve the maximum comfort without sacrificing too much space in your bathroom.

Squared shower plate

Shower plate is an element which must mainly be chosen according to two features: size and design. The first feature to look is, in fact, how much space we have because the choice of the shape of the shower plate depends on it. Thanks to the modern technologies, it is indeed possible to choose between different formats, including the angular shower plate, the rounded one and the squared one. The benefits we can draw from this last choice are various; beyond on saving space compared to a rounded one, it will be easier to find the shower cubicle to combine. The material employed in order to produce these shower plates are on the top, which ensures lasting over time and the maximum cleaning because they are stain repellent and anti-slip.

Rectangular shower trays

Rectangular shower trays are doubtless the most employed so far since they fully respect standard sizes of shower cubicles which will complement the shower area in the bathroom. To find elements to finalize this furniture, it will be easier if we buy a rectangular shower tray since these sizes are the most used so far. But this solution doesn’t help you to save space as in the case of semicircular shower trays, so it’s not advisable for those who have a quite big bathroom. Rectangular shower trays will help to obtain a wiser shower area, so with all available comforts. Due to their sizes, possible thinking about the inclusion of different accessories for shower cubicle is needed in order to have everything to hand.

Once the only possible option for the choice of shower tray was the glazed white, but now, due to the copious brands available in our shop online, everything became more creative. Companies produce shower trays with many new materials, innovative colors and increasingly designs which meet different requirements for those who have to decorate their home. When you go decorating the shower block and the related accessories, we need to purchase a shower tray according to the space we have. Tailor-made shower trays are indeed one of the most innovative solutions which allow to safely decorate the bathroom. The positioning of shower box depends also on the kind of shower cubicle chosen.