Sanitary systems 

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Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are used to reduce the incoming pressure, that must be higher compared to the outcoming lower pressure. Thanks to the pressure regulator, it’s avoided that the equipment won’t break downstream, and that security valves won’t open and there is an excess pressure. Pressure regulators must be installed at the entrance of our own house, immediately after the water meter. But before the regulator, it is necessary to install a self-cleaning filter in order to protect the pressure regulator, especially in public places. Pressure regulators are not the same as each other, so we need to check regarding the detected characteristics rather than the declared ones.

Thermostatic blenders

Thermostatic blender is a component which has to be necessarily installed upstream the thermostatic taps both in the shower and in the sink. It’s an essential part of a well designed hydric plant, which wants to be safe, comfortable and cheap. Thanks to this element, it is possible to protect ourselves from eventual burns because the thermostatic blender is able to control the temperature of water. There are too rapid changes between hot and cold water that comes in the thermostatic blender which, thanks to dedicated valves, is able to normalize the temperature. Inside it, in fact, there is the thermostatic valve which blends the water in order to adjust it.