A company is specializing in the production of high-quality taps, born by the passion of a young Italian family: Elio, Antonella, Andrea, and Davide Bregoli. The success of this company is specially built on the wish of not forgetting the importance of the Italian tradition craftnìmanship, combined with the love for an innovative design, fancy in all its shapes. The whole production of taps and fittings is indeed realized in Italy, corroborated as well by the certifications from countries like Canada, United States, Singapore, Australia, New England, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The focal point of the changes of the last few years in the production of taps designed by IB; that’s exactly the replacement of the nickel with other antibacterial materials. Choosing IB for the installation the taps in our house means opting for the originality of the shapes and ensuring of durability.

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