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The perfection and care of Made in Italy is summarized by Cordivari design, an expanding and developing reality present in our territory. Cordivari is a company that has a long and tiled history of success behind it. Back in 1972 it was already one of the most prestigious industrial companies in the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector. The technique and study of the Cordivari team has never neglected the respect and protection of the environment, adopting sustainable as well as cutting-edge production techniques and processes. In our store we have collected the best radiator products of this brand. Choosing a radiator, a radiator, a towel warmer and much more from Cordivari means being sure of the reliability and safety of a safe product with certain and constant functionality. Cordivari models keep a lot of the style of your home by offering always different models. Buy in our shop and choose from our catalog the radiator and much more, to beautify your home.