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Paini is a company started by craftsmen with a passion for taps and fittings and nowadays is one of the biggest companies working in the field. Paini Taps and Fittings offers a variety of products ranging from spare parts to a complete bathroom furniture in order to recreate a surrounding reflecting whole house decor. Paini is a company which internally has a research center in order to deepen the analysis and the studies and refine constancy mechanisms underlying the assembly of individual components. All stages of production and working is moving towards one only direction: the greatest possible quality of products. Paini’s taps have high-quality materials, which made respecting the environment, as well as all Paini’s taps spare parts. Paini’s blenders and the cartridge associated with each one is distinguished on the market by superiority in terms of quality and for the compliance with European legislations regarding the production of materials for taps and fittings.

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